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Prepare To Dive

Travel through a network tunnel and escape into the Darknet. Boxbyte is a singular experience. One game mode. One run. No continues. Start with a handful of lives and break through each gate that blocks your path. The challenges you'll face seem simple at first but build up in difficulty as the number of waves increase.

At the last gate waits the final challenge, a boss that counters your every move.


Survival is the word. Beating each gate is simple. Don't die. Incoming data packets called Bytes swarm each level of three data types. Red, Green, and Blue.  Eat the right color or be killed.

Solve the Mystery

In every screen there is a hidden secret that will eventually lead you to the true purpose of the game. Only through playing and following the clues can you find the truth.


Eating data is the key to staying alive. As a blossoming Artificial Intelligence your hunger is unyielding and there is plenty to eat. But you can only eat the data type that you're in sync with. 


Box phase shifts to the different colored data types to eat them. But be careful, other colors will start to hurt you. Managing colors is paramount.


The controls are simple. Move with WASD or arrow keys and change color with Spacebar or Enter. 

The best way to play Boxbyte is with a gamepad, move with the thumbstick and phase shift colors with the action button (A, X, or 1)


  1. Free Life (Red, Green, Blue, Purple)*
  2. Multibyte : Get extra points
  3. Shrink
  4. Growth
  5. Repel
  6. Shield
  7. Slow Time
  8. Invulnerability
  9. Blackhole

*Free Life powerups are special in that you need to be the same color to get them, just like Bytes. But there is an additional color Purple, that you can get as any color.


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